#Floor Plans & Maps

Floor Plans

Explore our spaces like never before with easy access to downloadable floor plans for all our unique properties at Hoath House! Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or a memorable retreat, these detailed floor plans offer a comprehensive layout of each venue. Dive into the specifics of our charming manor house, enchanting gardens, and versatile event spaces, allowing you to envision and plan your perfect occasion with precision. Simply download our floor plans from our website and discover the endless possibilities for crafting your dream event at Hoath House.

Hoath House

Tudor wing


Little Batts


Batts Barn


Exclusive Use Map

Navigate your exclusive experience at Hoath House with our detailed map, highlighting the areas designated for your special use and those respectfully marked in a distinguishing red wash. This comprehensive map ensures clarity on the expansive spaces available exclusively for your event, including the charming manor, lush gardens, and versatile event areas. The areas demarcated in red serve as a helpful guide, indicating sections that are not part of the Hoath House estate, maintaining the sanctity and boundaries of our property. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with understanding the distinct boundaries while indulging in the beauty and privacy of your reserved spaces.


Room Options

Discover the versatility of our accommodations at Hoath House with our downloadable brochure showcasing various bed layouts available in each room across our estate. This detailed brochure provides an insightful glimpse into the possibilities for configuring sleeping arrangements, whether it's for a wedding party, corporate retreat, or family gathering. Explore the flexibility of our rooms, from cozy intimate settings to spacious arrangements, allowing you to plan and customize the perfect setup for your guests' comfort and convenience. Download our brochure today and unlock the potential for creating tailored and inviting spaces within our picturesque estate.